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Public Works Department

Jaime Hurtado
Public Works Director
Phone: 719-754-3497


Mission Statement 

The Center Public Works Department’s mission is to improve and maintain the infrastructure of the Town of Center, to protect the health and welfare of our residents, businesses, and visitors; to provide quality services to our customers, within available resources, in a timely and efficient manner; to provide these services, as well as to support economic growth and development, with the unity and trust of highly qualified and skilled personnel.


Vision Statement

The Center Public Works Department strives to enhance the quality of life of all residents by designing, building, and maintaining public works infrastructure and providing safe, reliable utilities as sustainably, efficiently, and cost-effectively as possible, consistent with the mission and goals of our community.


The Public Works Department direct Town’s utility functions; electric, gas, water, sanitation, including oversight management and operations of code enforcement, streets and parks divisions.

The Public Works department also sets strategic direction and associated work plans to achieve goals set forth by the Board of Trustees and the Town Manager.

Other responsibilities of the Public Works Department include policy management, budget management, and the oversees safety operations.

Building Department

Municipal Utilities Department